#MartyTravels: Eastern Mallorca

I travelled to Mallorca with my Mum last week, and thought it'd be a good idea to share a little bit of my experience. I've also done a review of the hotel, you can find this here.

Cala Millor
This is a very small place, located just above Porto Cristo, and this where we stayed. There is absolutely nothing to do here (it was off season) but everyone is super friendly and the beach is stunning. We didn’t do any sunbathing because the weather was in its high 18s and 19s, and that’s nothing crazy out here. I did get in the water a few times, because you know, when life gives you lemons, but I'm not tanned - plus I burn anyway. I’d recommend to stay here, just because it’s quite pretty and people are nice, but if you’re looking for something more lively or to somewhere to go out, this is not the place to be. On our last day here we took a boat trip down the coast, seeing the other amazing beaches and honestly, that's something I would recommend. It was 22 and lasted two and a half hours.

(best pizza at La Sangria)
(the one day I wore a swimsuit! it's from ASOS, here in black)

Manacor is Mallorca’s second largest city, after Palma. It’s most famous for artificial pearl industry, but most importantly, blessing the world with Rafael Nadal (who supposedly still lives here). We went on a Monday, which meant seeing the amazing markets: fruit and vegetables in Placa Constitucio and a general market in Placa Ramon Llul. They both close quite early (1pm) but they’re worth having a look around if you’re near. We spent the rest of the day wandering around, grabbed some coffee and cake. Again, not really much to do. But we did buy an amazing cheese rolled in rosemary, so I'd say it was worth it for the cheese alone.
Porto Cristo
My absolute favourite because of the views. There's a lot of resturants overlooking the port, and the coastline is very pretty so it makes for a very pleasant lunch setting.

Though Palma isn't on the Eastern coast, I spent quite a long time there and thought it was worth mentioning, even if it's only to say how amazing the latte was at the Cafe Stacion at the bus station. It was honestly the best latte I've ever had, and I've had about 5 just from there, that's how good it was. Also - how cool - they've got free charging stations scattered around, and I'm not going to lie, it did help me out a little.

Excuse the quality of all the photos - my Mum forgot to take the camera, and that was her job.. So they're all taken either on my iPhone or my Mum's Samsung. 
Hope you enjoyed this quite little blog post, I'll see you soon! 
Marty x

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