The UEA Cocktail Society held one of its socials at Revolucion de Cuba, and honestly, it was probably one of the most fun nights I've ever had (most likely due to the amount of alcohol I had consumed, but ah well).
There was about 18 of us, and it cost us only £20 per head, and lemme tell ya, was it worth it. This is what we were told was going to be included in that price: 
- a cocktail on arrival
- a demonstration on how to make a few the iconic Cuban rum cocktails
- all guests get the chance to make two cocktails each behind the bar and drink them, too
- the class includes a few games and shots to end
Before the class started, we ordered a Porn Star Martini, as it was Happy Hour, which a blend of rum,passion fruit, lime, vanilla and a shot of Prosecco. Yum. The class was led by two bartenders, Estefano and Adrien, who were both really funny and chatty, which just added to the evening in general. Once we arrived, the drink we received was the Cuban Sangria, which was served in these ceramic kettles (we drank way too much of that, it was amazing).
After that came time to try making some cocktails of our own. We were first shown how to make their Classic Mojito, and then the Zombie (fave). The Zombie consists of a mix of rum, pineapple, apple juice and 'some added fire', and Jen and I got to go up and try our luck making the Zombie, but it turned out that one of us had to be blindfolded - of course it ended up being me, with Jen guiding me and telling me when to pour the shots into the glass. I also got to use a blow torch whilst making that drink, which was pretty cool.
(yes that's me wearing a blindfold)
(Melina and Sophie making their Coconut Daiquiris)
(Jen making her Backhanded Compliment - rum, lychee, strawberries, vanilla & cranberry)
 (Call Me Old Fashioned - Bacardi Ocho rum, chocolate bitters, sugar)
(Amy's Toffee Apple Daiquiri and Jen's Backhanded Compliment)

Overall, I would really recommend this masterclass, be it for a friend's night out, a birthday or a social. It was a lot of fun, really good alcohol, great atmosphere and you do actually get to learn a little bit. Plus, it was really good value for money! We'll definitely be heading back to Revolucion de Cuba.
Do you drink? If so, what's your favourite cocktail? Share in the comments below!
Love, Marty x


  1. This looks like an AMAZING outing - I definitely want to do something similar soon. Cocktails and sunshine are a perfect combination. My favourite cocktail definitely depends on where I am - if I'm on holiday it's got to be a pina colada

    Steph -

  2. I really really recommend it! It's just so much fun. Oo I like pna coladas, but not too much of a fan of coconut to be honest
    Marty x


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