I was sent this mask by the lovely Angela over at Timeless Truth Masks for a review, and I have to admit, I really really like it. I decided to try the 'Bio-Cellulose Bee Venom and Royal Jelly Miracle Mask' as it was a winner at the Beauty Awards 2015 - and I can see why. I popped it on as I was in the bath (quick shout out to the Westlab Epsom Salt - I struggle with back pains and it really helped relax my muscles, you just dissolve them in the bath) with the 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' Lush bath bomb which was an Oxford Street exclusive.

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So, what is this mask? It is an anti-ageing mask, but I was drawn to it as it's also plumping, due to the bee venom, and my skin has been feeling a bit meh lately. I've always been intrigued by bee venom in cosmetics, assuming it'd make my skin feel really tingly - not the case at all. It is known as 'nature's Botox', and I mean, after one use of the mask I cannot say I see life changing results, but I did notice my skin felt tighter, which is always a good shout. Alongside the bee venom is Royal Jelly, which supposedly is the food that queen bees eat in the hive - pretty cool if you ask me - and together they stimulate the production of collagen, which is one of my favourite things ever, but more about that in a different post.

The sachet is very full of the serum, so I ran my fingers through the packaging to make sure I don't waste any, and then I've popped it in the fridge, for that nice cooling effect next time I use it. Though I've heard it can also be put into a little bit of warm water, so I'm not sure which one I'll be trying out. Anyway. I left the mask on for about 20-25mins, then massaged the excess into my skin - don't rinse it off, just a waste if you do. It did get rid of a few dry patches on my skin which is amazing, because I bloody hate them and I've no idea where they've come from, my pores seemed less visible and skin definitely felt hydrated. My only criticism would be that the sheet didn't fully stick to my face, but I have a feeling that was my own fault.

(here's me looking sexy AF in my sheet mask)

In hindsight, I should've tried the TT Charcoal Mask, as it's more focused on congested skin (thanks blackheads) so that'll probably be next on my list. I'm also considering the eye masks, they just look so cool. What do you think of sheet masks, have you tried any?

Love, Marty xx

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