#MartyEats: Wild Thyme, Norwich

The same day that my friends and I headed to the Plantation Gardens, we decided to try out a veggie restaurant called the Wild Thyme. We heard good things - apart from Sam, who feels very strongly about having meat in all of his meals #CrossFit. So we just didn't tell him where we going, until we were on our way haha (hi Sam!). 

The restaurant is tucked away at the end of the Norwich Market, by the Lanes. It's also next to a healthy/vegan food store, so that made for a nice wonder afterwards. I loved the interior of the place (queue me actually not taking a photo of the place... yep, I know), it felt really cosy and rustic - there was bike hanging on a wall! 

We kicked off our lunch by ordering a jug of Pimm's - always a good idea. For the starter we decided to go with a sharing board, and despite there being three of us, we were glad we decided to go for the one for two - the amount of food was overwhelming! We filled up on the starter, to be honest. The platter consisted of roast peppers, some amazing hummus (I mean it, amazing), olives, quinoa, chickpea and mushroom salad, asparagus, feta cheese, and, to my disgust, artichoke. I bloody hate it. Gross. Sam liked it though, I'm not sure if Jen did. 

For our mains we all went with something different, which is always a good idea because we can try one another's food hehe. Jen ordered a Japanese Rice Noodle Salad with marinated tofu, mushrooms, edamame and a soy lime & ginger dressing - though she was too full to finish it she said it was really good. Sam ordered Sweet Dauphinoise Potatoes & Goats Cheese in some sort of a sauce (I don't remember as it was a month ago, but I looooved it) and I went for the Mediterranean Chickpea & Black Bean Burger with Sweet Potato & Thyme wedges. Unfortunately, I hated my burger. I was so so disappointing, maybe it was the vegan cheese that ruined it, but I just really didn't enjoy myself. 

From what I remember, the jug of Pimm's was about £12, sharing board was £18 and all mains were around £10. Overall, I'd go back again. Mainly because I really enjoyed the starter and Sam's main, and would want to find something I could replace my sad burger experience with. We were also too full to try their dessert menu, and if that isn't reason enough to go back, I don't know what is. 

Have you ever been to an all veggie/vegan restaurant? Or even Wild Thyme? What are your thoughts?


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