#MartyEats: Burger & Lobster, Soho

I used to love Burger & Lobster. That is until they've expanded their menu (you'd think that would be a good thing) and upped their prices. Oh, and made their portions smaller. This is not going to be a good review, and I am super sad about that.

One of my best friends, Akiko, and I were looking forward to finally seeing each other after a few months apart. So naturally, we wanted some good food to go along with it. We chose Burger & Lobster as both of us have been there before and quite honestly, I was feeling a little fancy and wanted lobster. We headed to Dean Street, Soho on Friday lunch time but were seated straight away - which was a plus, I was expecting to have to wait a little, like I usually do at the Harvey Nichols one.

Once we sat down we were both quite surprised the prices have gone, especially since Akiko was there about a month or so before and they were still the same. I feel like £5 hike up is quite a lot, and according to Akiko, the roll is now much smaller, so it just seems very unfair. The menu has also changed, it's no longer just 'burger and lobster', it's varieties of both. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for example the new Lobster Roll didn't sound particularly appetising (pickled cabbage is a no from me). So we both just stuck with the regular (for her) Lobster Roll. 

In the past I've had the grilled lobster and the burger, but I hadn't tried the roll, so decided to give it a go.  I didn't think mine was cooked well at all, and she found a bone in hers - isn't the whole point of ordering the roll to avoid the hassle of that? Anyway. The waiters weren't very attentive, in fact we got ignored for about five minutes when attempting to get some water. So it shouldn't come as a surprise we didn't want to pay service charge. Alas, we had to. A service charge of 12.5% was added to our bill and it really was not deserved.  

If you asked me a month ago if you should pay B&L a visit, I would without hesitaiton say 'yes'. Now, however, not so sure. If you do go - don't get the roll. And also don't visit the Dean Street branch, I've heard the Green Park one is good, and of course so is the Harvey Nichols one.

Have you had a recent foodie disappointment?

Rating: 3/10 | ££

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