#MartyEats: Blue Joanna, Norwich

I promise that this blog is about more than just food. I really do. Blogger just hasn't been working for me, and because I'm pedantic I want to slightly stick to a schedule, so here's another #FoodieFriday. But lemme tell ya, it's a good 'un.

I've had my eyes on Blue Joanna on Unthank Road, Norwich probably since it has opened its doors. To be quite honest I don't know why I didn't go sooner, thought it's probably because a) I am lazy b) my friends are equally as lazy. However, last month, four of us were heading into town to watch our friend perform a Burlesque Naughtyvity Show (plug here for UEA readers - join the Burlesque Club! It's amazing, and sexy, and there's often cocktails! I wasn't allowed to take any photos myself during the show (for obvious reasons), but here are a few that the photographer Phoebe took) so we decided to pop out for dinner first. I've been pratically bullying Jen into going to Blue Joanna, so it was an obvious choice, really. It's a very cute, Asian style street food restaurant. I believe every Saturday they have on live music, too.

ANYWAY, onto the food. If you're new here, you probably don't know that I am a basic bitch. So naturally, I ordered a cocktail to go alongside my meal, and it was a great decision. Aptly named 'Blue Joanna' it has a slight chilli kick to it, but I loved it, and it's reasonably priced at £6.50. 10/10 would get again. Though the only photo of it that I have is a shitty Snapchat one because I just pretty much downed that drink. I may or may not also have a problem with alcohol, but that's a story for another day (or a post about cocktail bars hehe). 

We all kinda decided to share our food, so Sam and I both got Tacos (£8) for ourselves, Crispy Pork Belly (£6) & Sweet Potato Fries (£4) to share. Jen and Michael shared the Sticky Chilly Chicken Wings (£5), Marinated Skirt Steak (£7), Sesame Dressed Broccoli (£4) and also Sweet Potato Fries. Which resulted in a huge bowl of carby goodness.

I have not been this impressed with a restaurant in a very long time. I liked every single thing we ate (because let's face it we all tried each other's food), and that's rare. Everything is super reasonably priced, tastes amazing and definitely makes you want to keep coming back for more. After our meal we spoke to someone who I believe was the owner (?? may be wrong here) and he told us that they're considering joining Deliveroo in the New Year - and if you know my friends and I/read just above that we are lazy af, this was amazing news for us. 

Overall, I will definitely be going back to Blue Joanna, as there are a few more things I'm yet to try. Especially now that they're doing Sunday Brunch! Can I get any more basic bitch? Let's face it, I probably can.

So, if you're from Norwich or are ever visiting, I highly recommend popping down to this lovely gem on Unthank Road.

Rating: 9/10 | £

Love as always, 
Marty x

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