Lisa Angel Review + Discount Code!

Recently (well, a month ago now) I attended a Norwich Bloggers event - and it was amazing. It was so nice to finally meet fellow bloggers from Norwich, and I made great friends already! If you're a blogger from a nearby area, definitely get involved. Anyway. There was a lot of brands there, giving out goodies (eek!) and one of those brands was Lisa Angel. And I fell in love.

I've been to Lisa Angel before, as it's just such a cute little store in the Norwich lanes, but I never treated myself to any of their beautiful items. During the event however, the staff of Lisa Angel were giving out free pieces of jewellery - exciting, I know. I'm not one to turn down any type of free stuff, but especially when it's stuff as lovely as this. I chose to go with the White Marble Double Cube Earrings in Silver* and I could not be happier. In fact, I'll be purchasing them in black, too. 

Another lovely thing we received was a discount code, and I knew I'd definitely be using it. However, the idiot that I am, I forgot to take it with me when I was heading to town. But I fell in love with these two pairs of earrings and didn't mind paying full price for them. As you can see, they're all marble. Yes, I have a problem. I picked up the White Marble Stud Earrings (£8) as I've got several piercings in my ears and felt they'd go really nicely alongside my other choices. The third and final pair are these White Marble Hexagonal Stud Earrings (£16) as I really liked the contrast between the marble and the silver. 

Lisa Angel were also kind enough to offer a discount code that I can give to you guys! It's LANWCH15 to get 10% off your whole order. The code expires on the 10th of September, so you still have plenty of time to pick something up and save some pennies. Has anything caught your eye yet? I think I'll be using my discount to purchase one of their mugs - either this one or this one. Who knows, maybe I'll get both haha. 

Marty xx

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