My Favourite Lingerie

I must admit, buying lingerie is one of my guilty pleasures. I like to spend a lot of money on it, and I like to do it often. Although it's seen by an extremely limited number of people, I find something really empowering about wearing fantastic underwear. I know that Marilyn Monroe (Queen) supposedly said "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world", and I feel like that about lingerie (shoes too though, don't worry). I'm quite busty, so finding a well fitted bra at a reasonable price can sometimes be a challenge, but I feel very #GirlBoss when my underwear matches, and also like I really have my life together haha. So today I felt like sharing my favourite pieces from my favourite places, in hopes to inspire you to go match your bra and panties and go kick ass today!


ASOS is definitely my favourite place when it comes to lingerie-style bodysuits - I mean just look at this baby. Of course, it's not anything that's very supportive, so don't expect that. I either wear them under a dress that doesn't allow me to wear a structured bra. Plus there's something super sexy about bodysuits. Oh and also, they're so easy to chuck on. Helps when you're like me aka you wanna be a sexy mofo but you're also level 10 lazy.


Ann Summers is a classic for raunchy and sexy underwear. However, they do also have some lovely, girly pieces like this bralette (sadly it's sold out, but they've always got more! My other favourite is this one, in fact I have it in black hehe). This Suki underwire is also one I've been reaching for a lot. I prefer underwire, for obvious reasons - I don't really need the extra plunge - plus they're more comfortable. If you like it, here's the matching thong - AND the set is on sale. Perfect. 


One of my first properly fitted bras was from Boux Avenue.  They're the first place I think of when I'm in need of new underwear, whether it be everyday or special occasion *wink wink*. These particular two are more day time, purely because I prefer colourful underwear during the day. Unfortunately both of these are sold out, I'm sorry, but here are a few of my other favourites - this onethis one and oh my god this one.


Freya are just something else, aren't they.. Beautiful, beautiful lingerie. I've picked up this particular set, suspenders included, in the Jarrold's Outlet store here in Norwich - if you've never been, honestly give it a go! The store isn't too big, so unlike TKMaxx, it doesn't give me a headache when I try to find something in there. I'm currently obsessing over this set, might just have to make a cheeky order.


Right, hear me out. Primark quality can sometimes be questionable, that's well known. However, I honestly do like their bras. Especially the underwired ones. My issue with Primark lingerie is that the sizing isn't great, and the most of their nice ones aren't catered for DD+ , but sometimes a gem can be found - like this beautiful lacy navy one. 


Last, but not least is a new favourite of mine, Wolf and Whistle. Please excuse the not so great photo, but because this Eyelash bra is so delicate it was really hard to take a good photo. But that's what makes it so beautiful. And the colour is just to die for. To be honest, I love everything from this brand, and I find myself buying more and more from them; they also have a swimwear line and I'm eyeing up this baby. Wolf and Whistle's lingerie and swimwear is exclusive to ASOS, but they also have their own website, purely for their clothes.

So, these are just a few of my favourites brands! What's yours? Do you have any brands you want to try out? I feel like I personally don't shop enough at Bravissimo, but that's because it's slightly hidden in Norwich and I always forget about it, oops. 

Have a lovely day, 

Marty xx

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