#MartyTravels: StayCity Aparthotels York Review

Hello hello! As you saw in my previous post, whilst I was in York I had the pleasure (debatable, I guess - blog post as to why shall soon follow) of staying in two hotels. One of them was Hotel Indigo, and you can read about my stay here. The other one was StayCity Aparthotels. I booked last minute (literally the night before) via Booking.com and made my way there on Sunday morning. My check in wasn't until 3pm, but I thought I could at least leave my bags and then go off on a wonder around York. The staff however was super lovely and since my room wasn't ready yet, they just put me up in a different one, #winner. I left my bags and off I went. I came back after my Ghost Trail (yes, I did that, no, it wasn't weird) and because I was super hungry I decided to cook myself some food. What a bad idea that was. Somehow I managed to blow a fuse in the room! Of course that's something that would happen to me. The receptionist came up, we fixed the fuse, everything seemed to be working. Apart from the oven. And I needed the oven. So we tried to fix it, tried a few different options, but they've decided to move me to another room and give me an upgrade, just for the hassle. Again, #winner. 

I was a fan of the hotel from the start. The reception is cool, I like its vibe. The staff were probably one of the nicest people I ever met. I chatted to them as to why I was in York and why I was staying in a hotel, and they gave me many a tip as to where to go, what to see, and what to do considering my situation. 5/5 on the staff there, StayCity York! Give them a pay rise! 

I didn't take photos of my original room, as I was in a rush and just wanted to get out of there and sight-see. It was essentially the same, minus the lounge area situation. So you get the idea. 

As soon as you walk into the room, you're welcomed by the lounge and the kitchen (please excuse the quality of the photos, they're taken on my phone and my camera is broken because I dropped my phone lol of course). It's the perfect size of a flat - and to be honest, I'd happily live in a place like that, but then again, I like small apartments. But that's the whole point of it, it's supposed to feel like home, and I loved that. I won't lie, I didn't sit at the kitchen table. I chose the sofas instead (which I believe are actually sofa beds? I don't know, I had no need to check that out), in front of the TV - which also has Netflix on, another #winner. One 'complaint' I could possibly have is that I'd rather have a TV in the bedroom rather than in the lounge, I like watching TV in bed. But honestly, who really cares. It's not of great importance. 

I really liked the simplicty of the apartment, especially the kitchen. You're provided with a microwave, a dishwasher, a fridge freezer and an oven, and all the utensils you can potentially need on a short stay in a hotel - I asked for a baking tray and I got one, so even if there's something missing you can always give reception a shout. The bathroom was also super nice, I loved the overhead shower! Again, it was a short stay, so I can really say is - the shower worked, it was great, I felt clean afterwards. 10/10.

The bedroom was very simple, but again, I like that. I love the contrast wall and the wall art, which also featured in the lounge. Just a cute touch. The bed is huuuuuge, so I star-fished for days (well, hours). There's also a wardrobe (where the fuse box is, in case you were wondering!) and a mirror. And bedside table, of course. The standards. 

Here's a cute lil pic of me being super happy in my new hotel room, feat. my newest obsession aka these New Look shorts

I will 100% be staying at StayCity again, whether that is in York or in one of their many other locations. The staff was outstanding, despite problems, and the room was great. And the price isn't too high, either. I was very impressed with it, considering I was booking last minute I was worried I wouldn't be happy with my choice, but I kind of wish I stayed there the whole time, I think it would have made my stay even better. Have you ever stayed at StayCity before? 


Marty xx

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