#MartyTravels: Hotel Indigo York Review

Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Indigo in York, England. It is a beautiful, four-star boutique hotel, situated about 10 minutes away from the Minster. It has its own bar & restaurant, No.88 Walmgate and the prices are fairly reasonable. I stayed there on Friday and Saturday night, after which I relocated to StayCity Apartments (reasons as to why will follow in my last post this week). However, Hotel Indigo is definitely one of my favourite hotels I've ever stayed at. The staff were super lovely and helpful, and the service was immaculate. 

I was staying in the Standard Bedroom, which boasts a King Size bed, a 40 inch TV and an amazing bathroom with a rainfall shower. There's also a station for you to make your own tea or coffee, although I opted for the hot chocolate. My favourite part was definitely the bathroom though, I loved the white tiles and the contrasting pattern tiles in the shower were amazing. 

Please excuse the quality of the photos - they were taken on my iPhone, as I didn't bring my camera with me. As you'll see from my York roundup, I wasn't planning on staying in a hotel at all. I am, however, very glad that I got to experience Hotel Indigo, and I'm already planning on staying with them again, perhaps in Barcelona, if I  do end up going in September. They have several locations and all the hotels embrace the local culture, which is why I liked the decor of it so much. It actually somehow felt very Yorkshire. I don't know why; maybe because this was my first time up North (yes, really). You'll be able to read all about my (somewhat disastrous) weekend trip to York at the end of the week. 

On Saturday morning I also ordered breakfast, which was ah-mazing, as you can see. I believe it was £9.95 (+ service). I also ordered a BBQ Pulled Pork & Red Onion Pizza for dinner that night (similar price), but the lighting was bad so I didn't bother taking a photo - but it also tasted wonderful.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend staying at Hotel Indigo - whether that's in York, or anywhere else out of the dozens of their locations. I'll be coming back whenever I get the chance. Have you ever stayed at Indigo, or been to York for that matter? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love, Marty x

#MartyEats: Turtle Bay New Menu Review*

Turtle Bay Norwich has launched a new menu, following feedback from the customers. I personally didn't have any problems with the previous one, but I'm always happy to try new food! Maya very kindly invited me to come in and review it, so the meal was free of charge - the first time this has happened to me, a bit mind blowing really. We had fantastic service from the head waitress, whom I believe was called Evelyn, and Tom also checked on us a few times. But then again, the staff is very attentive to all their customers, so it was a no-brainer.

If you've never been to Turtle Bay (I haven't even heard of it until it opened here in Norwich last August), it's a restaurant full of Caribbean inspired dishes and drinks. Turtle Bay’s famous Jerk Chicken, Curried Goat, and other favourites are all staying on the menu, but 15 new dishes and 7 new drinks have been added the menu now has more veggie/vegan options than before. As my friend Lillie and I had plans to go out for cocktails that evening anyway, we decided to kick off our night with those exactly. We tried the Rum Negroni and Roots Culture. The negroni was very strong - not a surprise, since it contains Old J-rum, Campari, red vermouth, served over ice. Lillie and I were both fans of Roots Culture, however. Supposedly it was on the menu before, but I don't remember seeing it. It contains Uncle Wray overproof rum, strawberry liqueur, raspberries, lime, and lemonade. We had way too many of those. Both cocktails are priced at £7.15, or they're 2-4-1 during Happy Hour!

(Rum Negroni - left, Roots Culture - right)
For a starter, we decided to go with the Just Jerk Sharing Platter, which, by the way, is really filling. At only £13.95 it's definitely worth it. It comes with marinated chicken wings, glazed pork ribs (which I think we didn't actually get...), jerk beef riblets, Jamaican beef patty, sweetcorn fritters, spiced popcorn and super green salad. The beef patty and fritters were out favourite, but the salad was a little disappointing. It was dry, that's all. Could've done with some dressing. Turtle Bay also offer a Vital Veggie Plater. This has sweet corn fritters, crispy okra, jerk pit grilled mushroom & peppers with coconut glaze, pepper roti, bara flatbread spiced curried chickpeas & cucumber chutney, herb mayo & super green salad.

A new burger menu has been added. And if you know me, you know I'd be all over that. This features a Jammin’ Lamb Burger (which I decided to go for) alongside four others including the brand new Two Way Chicken Burger, a new Mushroom and Goats Cheese Burger, as well as the favourite Jerk ‘n’ Pulled Pork Bun. I'm a massive burger fan so I'll definitely be going back to try the rest. The lamb burger was great, pit grilled and came with Caribbean slaw and spiced fries. You also have the option of going for the salad, which well... I didn't go for haha. The burger is priced at £10.95 and it's definitely worth the price considering it already comes with the sides. The only downside was that the bun fell apart, but that's not the end of the world.

Lillie decided to try the Slow Braised Beef Rib, another brand-new dish featuring ‘Jacobs Ladder” short rib of beef. You can choose your own choice of glaze; classic (spicy), pineapple (fruity), and coconut (creamy) which is the one Lillie went for. It comes marinated in sweet onion chutney, served with sweet potato fries, and watermelon, lime, and coriander chow salad. She said she really liked it, and she devoured it like a champ. 

Lastly, the dessert. My favourite part of every meal. Despite being extremely full from our starter and the mains, we knew we had to try the sweet stuff. I went with the Passion Pie - a passionfruit meringue pastry served with passionfruit sauce. Yum. Sickly, but oh my god how yummy. Will definitely have again. Lillie is a big cheesecake fan, so her choice was the Banana and Toffee Cheesecake, which was also amazing. The desserts are priced at £4.95, which is reasonable considering I couldn't even finish my portion.

As I've already said, the food and the service were fantastic, so I'll definitely be heading back soon. I really want to try the Two-Way Chicken Burger and Bajan Beef Cheeks One Pot. I really recommend the Norwich branch, as I've not been in a friendlier restaurant for quite a while now.

Have you ever been to Turtle Bay? What dish do you recommend?

Love, Marty x

*Turtle Bay invited me for a review and the meal came free of charge

#MartyEats: Blue Joanna, Norwich

I promise that this blog is about more than just food. I really do. Blogger just hasn't been working for me, and because I'm pedantic I want to slightly stick to a schedule, so here's another #FoodieFriday. But lemme tell ya, it's a good 'un.

St Claus Day: Little Christmas GIVEAWAY

The 6th of December marks St Claus's Day in Poland - a day on which Santa brings you presents and leaves them under your tree! I thought it would be a great idea to giveaway a little party bundle of goodies to mark that day, and my return to blogging, of course. So, read on to find out how you can enter, and what you could win!